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Hiro Kone is Nicky Mao, a New York City based musician and artist. Mao was a former member of Effi Briest and Up Died Sound. Her background in classical training and symphonic arrangements provides a stark juxtaposition to the raw sounds of Hiro Kone's material, evoking something both familiar and disorienting.

Co-produced and mixed by former original Gang Gang Dance member Tim Dewit, The Unmoved Mover, examines the break between worlds, with void in form, and irreverent breaches in thought-The Unmoved Mover is both solitary and collaborative.

This pressing is limited to 250 black 12" vinyl records.

1. Oteiza
2. Phantom
3. Motion of Silence
4. End Time
5. The Break

Hiro Kone – The Unmoved Mover EP

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